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Our Mission

We want to be a diverse and authentic local church with people from all nations, where everyone is welcomed, loved, and discipled to walk in the fullness of their heritage in Christ.


What we Believe

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

God is the creator of the universe and the author and sustainer of life. God the Father, God the Son manifested in Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit are 3 distinct entities but are also One. God is Unique, Holy in Purity, Holy in Love, Holy in Power.

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible, composed of the Old Testament and New Testament, with a total 66 canonique books, is entirely inspired by God. It is our ultimate reference and serves to teach us, guide us, equip us, instruct us in all matters of life and to know right from wrong.

Human Beings

Human Beings

Created by God in His image, we sinned, were separated from His presence and deserved death. He came to earth as a human in Jesus Christ, sacrificed Himself on the cross, and resurrected, so we may be restored to our original status. Salvation is through Him alone.

The Pastoral Couple

Passionate about the salvation of souls through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and community involvement, Pastor Jean Bosco Mazimpaka and his wife Caline Karanganwa have been leading the Héritage des Nations Church since October 04, 2020.

Previously named Héritage de Hull, the church was founded by Pastors Luc and Anne Sylvestre, a couple characterized by a big heart for the improvement of the saints and the advancement of the kingdom. In 2020, Pastors Luc and Anne Sylvestre received the mandate to lead their former church, Eglise Espoir et Vie de La Sarre, located in Abitibi in the province of Quebec. .

Jean and Caline have 3 children who are Arielle, Ian, and Ivana. They are from Rwanda, in East Africa, also called, country of Thousand Hills.

The pastoral couple have lived in Canada since the early 2000s, and have resided in Gatineau, Quebec since 2013.

Alongside their pastoral vocation, Jean is a federal government employee, and works as an Access to Information and Privacy Analyst, and Caline works as a Social Work Technician at the Integrated Health and Social Services Center of the Outaouais (CISSSO), in Quebec.

As a child, Jean was a loyal radio-news listener. When his mother, who worked long days as a seamstress to be able to provide for her large family of 9 children, missed part or all of the news, it was up to Jean to redo the news broadcast sitting in front of his mother.

The enacting of the news brodacast included, the jingle which announces the news, the imitation of the voices of the main presenter, the voices of regional reporters, the call sign of the international page.
“This practice brought me a lot closer to my mother, and even better, my mother always shared her plate with me”.
As a result of this experience, Jean dreamed of being a journalist, but God directed his life on a different path.

Jean gave his life to the Lord In 1997 in Kigali, Rwanda, and began to work for God in 2000, when he joined the musical group of his local church.

There he plays acoustic guitar and sings in the choir of Église Vivante de Jesus Christ, one of the revivalist churches that worked to spread the gospel of love and forgiveness after the 1994 Tutsi genocide.

Caline, for her part, lost both her parents in her childhood and was raised by her maternal grandparents who gave her everything.

Her childhood was marked by this genocide.

She was only 9 years old when the genocide broke out, and she learned to face the constant imminent danger of death, and went from hiding place to hiding place in order to survive, by the grace of God, this unimaginable tragedy which cost the life of more than 1 million people within 100 days.

This painful experience to say the least, forged in Caline a spirit of resilience, a heart of compassion and benevolence.

A woman with a big heart, determined, with multiple gifts and talents, she is caring, patient and supports those who need help.
She has a spirit of initiative, anticipates needs and knows how to mobilize the community to find solutions together and work for the common good.

Jean and Caline took on pastoral duties in the fall of 2020, in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The entire Héritage des Nations family has shown perseverance in faith, as well as solidarity during these times of uncertainty.
“The Lord has sustained us every day and we give him glory for his faithfulness.”

In March 2022, Pastor Jean felt a direction from the Lord calling the church to progress in its mission, defined in two dimensions: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and IMPACTING NATIONS for CHRIST.

With this recent orientation, the name of the church has changed from Eglise Héritage de Hull to  Église HERITAGE DES NATIONS.

Before receiving the pastoral mandate, Jean and Caline were members of the Apostolic Centre Le Chemin, located in Gatineau for nearly 7 years, where Jean was a musician and one of the leaders of the musical team and preached occasionally, under the leadership of the Pastor Alain Caron, the man whom Jean and Caline consider their spiritual father.

It was through Apostle Alain Caron that God came to confirm the pastoral call of Jean during the worship time, on October 11, 2015 after a glorious session of Praise.

Prior to his arrival at Eglise Le Chemin, Jean served for several years as a musician and leader of songs of Praise and Worship in all the cities where he lived, specifically Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Gatineau.

Jean is also an author and composer, and his most recent Album was recorded in 2017 and includes a double disc, including one in Kinyarwarda his native language, and a bilingual disc in French and English.

In this season of their lives, Jean and Caline feel honored by the Lord to have been chosen to lead Église Héritage des Nations, a dynamic and multicultural community united in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their fellow citizens, being workers committed to both personal fulfillment and the socio-cultural development of their community.

We are aware of the enormous responsibility of leading the people of God and the challenges that entail; we have humbly answered yes to God’s call on our life, and we are confident that God is with us and will support us step by step.

We firmly believe that: “He (Jesus) who began his good work in us will carry it on to its completion”. (Philippians 1:6).
God bless you.

Our Leadership Team

Salomon Nesimwe

Salomon Nesimwe

Music Band Leader
As an acoustic and Base guitarist, Salomon is a passionate musician, and it shows through his complicity with his younger brother Clovis, who plays the drums. We see in Salomon a heart for excellence in his service to the Lord. He also has a teaching gift that enriches our community.
Schadrack Kanakabami

Schadrack Kanakabami

Youth Group Leader
Hi! I am one of the leaders of the youth. I have graduated in Political Science from Carleton University, Ottawa, and I am from Congo. I am 3rd amongst 8 siblings and my preferred book in the Bible is the book of Romans. Thanks and looking forward to meeting you.
Isidore Kossivi Maglo

Isidore Kossivi Maglo

Deacon and Prayer Ministry Leader
He is devoted to prayer and work with his wife Edith as the leaders of the prayer department since 2021. They love taking initiatives which benefit our community. They have 5 children and Edith finds her satisfaction in the following verse: I like giving material and financial support to the orphan and the widow. He replied: May the one who has 2 robes share with he who has none, and he who has food shall do the same. Isidore says this of himself: "I am a cordon bleu, and like cooking especially sunday after church. That way the rest of the family gets a break and I spoil them."
Edith Ayoko Kouevi

Edith Ayoko Kouevi

Deacon and Prayer Ministry Leader
She is devoted to prayer and work with her husband as the leaders of the prayer department since 2021. They love taking initiatives which benefit our community. They have 5 children and Edith finds her satisfaction in the following verse: I like giving material and financial support to the orphan and the widow. He replied: May the one who has 2 robes share with he who has none, and he who has food shall do the same.
Albert Kanakabami

Albert Kanakabami

Men's Group Leader
Energetic and Passionate preacher, Albert is married to Espérance and they are blessed with children who are involved in ministry in our community. They are also grand-parents. Albert is a French as a secondary language teacher. He Loves studying languages and developing projects.
Pascal Kakule

Pascal Kakule

Pascal Kakule is a man of integrity who loves God. Married to Jeanine Masika, they have 5 children. About finances, Pascal loves Proverbs 6:1-3 in the Bible.
Teddy-Jack Mbula

Teddy-Jack Mbula

Teddy is a faithful servant with a passion for worship. He is married to Nicole and they have 4 children. Teddy supports the pastor in his administrative and pastoral responsibilities. He is also member of the worship team and leads worship regularly.
Caline Karanganwa

Caline Karanganwa

Senior Pastor and Hospitality
Caline is responsible for welcome and hospitality at Heritage des Nations. Being a servant at heart and patient, she is devoted to God's house and His people.

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